engraving die stamp
A2 - Engraving Die Stamp
7075 Aluminum-Cores for PVC Pipe 90 Elbow
7075 Aluminum - Cores for PVC Pipe 90 Elbow
P-20 automotive slide face insert
P-20 - Automotive Slide Face Insert
hardened tool steel medical mold insert
Hardened Tool Steel - Medical Mold Insert
  • Over two decades in business

  • Specialize in plastic injection molds

  • Machine-parts for surrounding industry

  • Tooling for manufacturing

  • Service medical, automotive, consumer, munitions and aerospace

  • Multi-Axis Machining Centers

  • Wire and Ram EDM

  • Engineering & Design

  • Laser & Microscopic Welding

  • O.D. Grinding & General Machining

  • Makino F5 High Speed Machining Center

  • Haimer Shrink-In Tooling

  • BLUM Touch-Free ATLM System

P-20 Quick Turn-A-Round; Weld and Repair
P-20 - Weld & Repair
slide insert for fule system injection molded
Hardened Tool Steel - Slide Insert for Fuel System Injection Modeled Component
MoldStar Alloy mold components
MoldStar Alloy-Interchangeable Mold Components